By simply adding additional USB supported products you can extend your analog and digital capacity. Odds are, that whatever you are working on, Measurement Computing can help. We will send you an email when your review is posted. Works great in our application and it’s nice to have a commercially available product for no lead times in production. Within its compact, modern design, the PMDLS provides 8 channels of bit analogue input, sample rates to 1. By following the onscreen instructions on the InstaCal calibration tool with all channels selected “Connect pins 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11 to anyone or more of the grounds pins” The calibration stalls with Min bipolar offset code reached.

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Happy with my purchase. Great Overall Product This unit works great for our pressure data recording.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Having said pmr, if you are trying to measure higher currents call it 0.

Using PMD ls with simulink? – MATLAB Answers – MATLAB Central

Board Tester 31 months ago. You should be hearing from him very shortly.

Includes all DASYLab Basic features plus standard modules, layout windows, 1208l module count, and control sequencer. Software paced means that a single value is sent out occasionally. We again were happy this time with device and will be using it more and more in the future.


Sr Strategic Sourcing Buyer Industry: Includes standard analysis modules and unlimited module count. Galvo test bench – qulaification data acquisition. Other than that, these units have performed great for our testing. All required power can be taken from the USB port. Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance.


Tags data acquisition toolbox pmd 1208ks. I’m using driver version 1. This problem occurs when I use a sine curve, a ttl pulse, triangle wave. If using DAQFlex, the global command is: I asked one of our Sales Engineers to send you an email with some information. Price correct at date of Press Release.

USB Bit and Bit Multifunction DAQ Devices and Boards – Measurement Computing

We have a comparison table at the below link: We will send you an email once your question has been posted. E Proceed to manage the data flow for both scans. Electronic Design Engineer Industry: As I am using only 0 to 5 volts input that reduces it to bits.


If you start getting to pmf numbers, though, consider a different method for converting current to voltage. Also, what is the difference between hardware paced and software paced output? But since the data must be known in advance, it does not lend itself well to applications where the output is to be changed on the fly or is to be a function of an input.

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Basically the —Plus is an updated model with some enhancements. Hardware pacing is the fastest, and is good for waveform generation. Test fixture 31 months ago. By simply adding additional USB supported products you can extend your analog and digital capacity. Asked by maria mazuera maria mazuera view profile. Having trouble deciding which product is right for your application? I do not do any programming. Keep in mind that these benchmarks are can change based on your software code and the system you are using to run the DAQ device.