Your Logitech web cam should work out of the box. The logitech installation software doesnt install properly even when using wine as a platform to install it. Have you tried plugging it in and just trying to use it? Good linux support for me is, in the order of preference. Logitech drivers installer download drivers for windows 7.

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Have you tried plugging bd720p in and just trying to use it? The driver update utility for logitech devices is intelligent software which automatically recognizes your computers operating system and camera model and finds the most uptodate drivers for it.

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Ask a question to the logitech community forums to get help, support, or general answers to any of your logitech products. Cheese Webcam Booth 3. If your skype is not seeing your webcam, just start skype with the following command line: Now the video devices should be listed. Please do not send general usage questions or problems to the developers’ list. The development list is only used for patches and development-related issues.

If you dont know the name of the manufacturer, use driver search by model on webcams category. Install usb camera or webcam on linux ubuntu youtube. The logitech installation software doesnt install properly even when using wine as a platform to install it.


Ubuntu Hoary doesn’t autodetect, but I have got the camera working by doing the steps listed here. I also tested it with Skype on Linux and it worked too. Im looking for a hd p or up webcam, that has good linux support. Email Required, but never shown.

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The following Logitech webcams are not compatible with this driver and are supported by other drivers:. Current software for hd p webcam for windows 10 logitech. Other webcams produced by Logitech are supported under Linux but use a separate driver.

I just bought this webcam and I’m using it on my Kubuntu What is the logitech webcam model that you are using. Works out of the box with amsn.

October 2nd, Check out my Tech Blog http: I’m having problems with dh720p a webcam: Finally, here is a question about this webcam and ubuntu containing links to compatibilty and usage questions. A friend presented me with an issue a while back where certain buttons on his logitech keyboard, specifically the zoom bar, didnt work properly under ubuntu.

Logitech hd720p linux driver

If you are having compilation, installation, or usage problems, we’ll need at least the following information to be able to help you:.


It will not get you anywhere.

The webcam works out of the box but not the focus control. The time now is Warty and Hoary both detect and load the ov driver included with the kernel, but neglect to load the image decompressor kernel module.

These instructions explain how to compile the driver as a pinux module, which is the only option at this time because the driver has not yet been integrated into the mainline kernel. In this section you can find various lists related to Logitech webcam devices that will help you identify particular models and what features they support. Logitech hd pro webcam c, widescreen video calling and recording, p camera, desktop or laptop webcam refurbished add to cart there is a problem adding to cart.

Wise driver care is an extremely simple and easytouse driver updater program, it provides oneclick solution to update and fix outdated, missing and faulty drivers rapidly and securely.