I took my unit apart to get to the paper jamb, and now it tells me to unlock the scanner with the green knob, but it’s absolutely not locked. If all else fails a few enterprising individuals have replaced the scanner bulb. Get the rubber rejuvenator mentioned in my last post. The odds are extremely good that your printing problem is caused by ink build up in the service station. What can I do to fix it? I can’t even turn it on or off at all either.

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If the problem continues there may be a hardware problem in the printer. It is an older printer but has been working great up until I also started to get black streaking. You can get one from the source below. You should see yellow, magenta, and cyan flowing freely.

hp officejet pro 1150c

I purchased my office jet pro C in and have never experienced any problems since day one. It’s a little messy so you may want to wear latex gloves.

Our C decided to kinda die. Noise resumes every time I power on, with machine unusable. Installed the service station back and it’s printing like NEW!!!



I like its performance and I don’t want to get new due to no more quality control. Trying to remove the sponge is not worth the trouble. The printer is dead other than the little green lite now. Remove the right side cover. Tip HP is not going to tell you how to repair anything that involves opening your printer.

Remove as much of much of the congealed ink yp possible with a slot style screwdriver. But then it said the carraige door was open. Scrap out as much congealed ink as possible and soak the service station in hot water to dissolve the remaining ink. Sorry, I can’t tell you what the voltages should be.

So this is my problem. Will it break if I turn it back on and it isn’t in the correct position?

I hope that someway you can be repaid for your good advice. The HP company was so ready for offocejet to trade this unit in for a newer unit plus cash.

HP Officejet Pro C Ink Cartridges |

Go to the hp site. There is one T10 Torx screw in the rear holding it in place.

Hi there, Has any one any bright ideas! My guess is either the ribbon cable to the print head or a board.


HP Officejet Pro c / cse All-in-One Driver for Win Driver – TechSpot

Its like a new one. If I’m up in the price range, though, that’s about the same price as for the Epson with the current rebate. Hi I’m having issues with this printer and I need to try to figure out how to fix it. I can only turn it off if I remove the power cord.

I have paper jammed between the wheels. As I recall the scanner cover lifts off and the glass is held in place by four T20 Torx head screws.

Upon restarting the printer it all seemed to operated properly and no error appeared. I can see the scanner belt vibrating madly. Printing stops half way down the page and does not eject the paper correctly Seems the printer still shows the same issues on a different and faster computer even after another clean. I may have traced it to a worn dog clutch activator.