Use with extreme care! The example project is here , with some tested Elixir code. Warning This function is deprecated. If the emulator was built with support for dirty schedulers , changing the number of schedulers online can also change the number of dirty CPU schedulers online. If no asynchronous options has been passed, the caller of erlang:

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Returns the result of applying Function oepn Module to Args. Pids is a list of the process identifiers of the processes that the port is linked to. Returns the number of logical processors detected on the system as an integer or the atom unknown if the emulator wasn’t able to detect any. If Result is an integer, it represents the time in milliseconds left until the canceled timer would have expired. Checks if the node local process identified by Pid executes old code for Module.

When runnable processes on priority max exist, no processes on priority lownormalor high are selected for execution.

Erlang — Ports

Sends an exit signal with exit reason Reason to the process or port identified by Pid. Closes an open port. Specifically, section Dos and Dont’s describes what to use instead of erlang: Status is waiting waiting for a messagerunningrunnable ready to run, but another process is runningor suspended suspended on a “busy” port or by the erlang: Returns a binary corresponding to the text representation of Integerfor example:.


When Pid removes the link from a process Pid2.

Currently the following heap types exist:. Nodes connected through hidden connections can be monitored as any other node. That is, only run queues prot work that is expected to be CPU bound is part of the result.

A level in term CpuTopology can be omitted if only one entry exists and InfoList is empty. As it is a local function, it is not possible to call it directly.

Continue computing the crc32 checksum by combining the previous checksum, OldCrcwith the checksum of Data. Returns a binary that is made from the integers and binaries in IoListOrBinaryfor example:. Returns a string corresponding to the text representation of Pid. Schedulers with low scheduler identifiers, will be bound to the first hardware thread of each core, then schedulers with higher scheduler identifiers will be bound to the second hardware thread of each core, etc.

The port owner fails with badsig also if Data is not a valid IO list.

12 Processes

Returns CpuTopology used by the emulator. Returns a tuple that is a copy of argument Tuple1 with the element specified by integer argument Index the first element is the element with index 1 replaced by argument Valuefor example:.

New Drivers  CX7800 DRIVER

MessageQueueLen is the number of messages currently in the message queue of the spaawn. If the packet header indicates that the length of the packet is longer than the maximum allowed length, the packet is considered invalid. This BIF is intended for debugging only. This BIF is documented for completeness. It allows the standard input and output file descriptors 0 and 1 of the spawned Unix process for communication with Erlang.

LoadInfo can be any term. Returns the atom whose text representation is Binary. Currently the following options Opt s are available: Returns the N th element numbering from 1 of Tuple.

Now the Object element is always a tuple consisting of the registered name and the node name. A hybrid of the private and shared heap types. When there is no more room on the old heap, a fullsweep garbage collection will be done. Notice however that this does not mean that no processes on priority low or normal can run when processes are running on priority oppen.