A few of these services includes iTune server, print server, file server, ftp server and network time server. If you are on a Microsoft box and need some form of file and print sharing, then the SMB file is where the setup is done. Select the Change button under virtual memory. If it does not read, “Not initialized” and reads “online” instead, you can skip to step 7. Why the files or folders keep missing from the CN after I made one and move it to share lists, Since mapping the drives keep dropping off?

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This is usually a problem with drivers or hardware. After the drive is installed you will have to format the drive whether you have data on it or not. If you have a USB 3.

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The performance was not too shabby as it was almost as close to a USB 2. Installation and Software There isn’t much to installing a hard drive into the enclosure. Sometimes the fix is easy and sometimes it is a bit more complicated.

A factory reset and reboot can be performed from here. A “select partition type” window will appear, select primary and then click next. The rear of the enclosure has a lot of connections that can be utilized in an office as well as a home.


Coolmax CN390 NAS Enclosure

Install the driver from the included cd – WinME detects external drive automatically. If the drive shows up here, but not in Windows Explorer, you might have to assign a drive letter to the disk.

The CN comes equipped with the necessary power adapter, USB cable, ethernet cable and operating manual. Please follow the reset procedure above.

Not only can a NAS box offer you a place to put all your stuff, but it also offers more than that. There were a few gripes though.

What should I do now? But, why “My Computer” does not show up widows external driver? Please check if the flat cable of the buttons in the Xtreme Files Drive case is loose. The fan is audible but not to the point where it would be considered disturbing.

Review Categories Case Reviews. If not, the Xtreme Files Drive is only an external storage device.

The CN is intended to work with a standard usb printer. If you take the time to read the page before this one, you will realize that the CN is a mini computer unto itself.

Desperatly In Need Of Help With A COOLMAX Gemini CD-509-U2 External Enclosure

Or try another drive in the enclosure? Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! And if you need to host some files that can be accessed via the web then the CN can serve as a FTP server as well. In terms of functionality, it performs exactly what it was supposed to do. I am sure that you have many digital files that you would like to have in a safe place and be able to access them from any location just as long as you have an Internet wibdows. Another option is “quick format”, it is recommended to have the box for a speedy format, which widnows also needed to write and read to hard drive.


If yes, please connect it to the Xtreme Files Drive again. Coolmax, because the unit serves as a print server coolmac well an A-type connector is present. There are other units out there with larger processors and a lot more ram, but they are mostly dual bay or multi-bay enclosures that support various forms of raid. The steps to restore: Turn off the CN, unplug the RJ Physically, the CN is not too bad looking.